Twin Curse by Rinelle Grey : Book Review

Storyline Rating : 4/5 stars

Brief Summary from Goodreads :

Born together, wed together…

The ancient law is a curse to Brianna, whose twin sister has fallen in love with a man Brianna can’t bring herself to marry. To avoid disappointing her family, she fakes her death and escapes Eryvale to hide in the dazzling city of Bymere…but the city doesn’t live up to its promise.

Lonely and homesick, Brianna regrets her decision until she meets Lyall, a handsome mage. Their instant bond grows deeper, and despite knowing she can never marry him, Brianna accepts Lyall’s offer to leave Bymere before travellers from her village discover she’s still alive. Journeying to the exciting Isla de Magi, Brianna makes plans for a new life and is shocked to find she possesses mage magic as well.

However, when a chilling dream warns of an impending threat to her village, Brianna must leave the Isle and rush home to help her sister. Soon Lyall follows, chasing after the same threat and longing to reunite with Brianna. But can the two work together to stop the danger? Or will Brianna be forced to choose between her love for Lyall and the safety and happiness of her sister?

My Point of View :

I was revolted by the idea of “born together, wed together” when I started the story. Unless both twins have the exact same personality, I really doubt they can love the same person.

The story is told from multiple POVs, I don’t normally fancy stories told from multiple POVs but Rinelle Grey made the story flow seamlessly from one character to another.

Well, the story begins with Mianna, one of the twins asking Brianna, the other twin how she felt about this one village dude. Mianna loves the dude but not Brianna, who still can’t forget her dead beloved. So after a troll attack, which happens really often in their village, an idea came to Brianna. Brianna fake her death and ran to the city. There Brianna met Lyall, a visitor to the city. The moment they met is where everything changes for Brianna.

I was wondering how the story would proceed after Brianna ran away. I thought it would be cliche if Brianna fell in love, got married and stay in the city. I really wasn’t expecting anything magical related. So I was surprise when Lyall’s POV came into the story describing how he felt a magical uh…”aura” that Brianna possess.

Overall, it’s a good story – a good mixture of magic and romance. I just didn’t like the way the story span into a two years thing, I guess it’s just that I didn’t like the idea two lovers separate for too long and also the fact that Brianna have to pretend she’s married to Terion (*shudders at the idea*).

Favorite Quote : None from this book.



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