My Semester 5 : In A Nutshell

It is nearly the end of the first-half my third year in university. I have abandoned my blog for so long that I can see virtual dusts gathering. As per usual, this semester is so hectic that I didn’t have time to read, not even the time to  be inspired to compose a poem (I do have a very short one that I compose with a friend of mine, maybe I will post it later).

I did, however, have the time to BUY books – another hobby of mine aside from reading. I got these books from the annual Big Bad Wolf sale at MIECC, The Mines.

My absolute favorite would be The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Works!! Not that I have read it, but I love the cover and the fact that it’s Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic! It’s very hard to acquire in Malaysia, and I bought it for just RM 10  (approximately $2).

The other books are not exactly my kind of genre, but I’m trying to read something other than New Adult, Romance & Fantasy. I gave up reading The Interior by Lisa See, it’s not as great as it sounds in the synopsis – loved her Snow Flower & The Fan, so I thought I could try this one….well….that’s RM 8 wasted. And I just completed The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama yesterday, it’s not too bad I suppose – still not my cup of tea. I’ll try the rest soon…though it will take some effort on my part.

I finally got Enchanted Forest – the coloring book that is so popular worldwide. Not sure if I wanna color it though, it’s so pretty……that I can’t bring myself to ruin it with my rusty coloring skills (*laughs*).

I’m gonna read November 9 later, and I think there’s going to be a review for it. since everyone has been raving about how good the story is on Goodreads, which is to be expected when it comes to Colleen Hoover’s books.  🙂

Other than buying books, I have visited a literary festival held in Penang just last month – George Town Literary Festival (GTLF). I was only there for a day though, to meet one of my all time favorite Malaysian write – Tan Twan Eng! I do wish that I had more time to join some of the events held during the festival. (T.T)

P.S. He signed my favorite book (that is written by him), The Gift of Rain. If you still haven’t read it, DO READ IT.

While I was in Penang, I did drop by one of the bookstores – Gerakbudaya Bookshop. It sells a variety of books – ranging from Malaysian authors to famous award winning authors. Sadly (for my purse…), I have bought a few books.

 I think I’ll read them after my finals. My study week is too short for me to finish all the books that I have and don’t forget e-books.

I guess that’s all for now. I want to start reading some of the books AND try studying at the same time. Hope to update my blog with another review soon. Ciao~



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