No More Secrets by Lucy Score : Book Review

15yaosnStoryline Rating : 5/5 stars

Brief Summary from Goodreads :

Carter Pierce is a man who believes in signs. He just doesn’t know what to do with this one.

In the small town of Blue Moon Bend, where everybody is a matchmaker, Carter wants to be left alone to tend the family farm. After returning from Afghanistan with scars, his only goal is recovery. He doesn’t need any distractions, and definitely not one with silver-blonde hair and lips that beg to be kissed.

Summer Lentz is a journalist from the city sent to interview Carter and his family. She’s out of place in the small town, with her designer wardrobe and workaholic lifestyle. She asks too many questions and doesn’t take no for an answer, threatening to destroy the peace and balance that Carter has been working towards. She thwarts every attempt Carter makes to retreat back inside himself, somehow bringing him closer to being whole again.

Summer has secrets of her own, but she never planned to open up to anyone – let alone the scowling, secretive farm owner whose story she’s after. But as she gets drawn into the community, she starts to realize that she can’t stay closed off forever.

And what’s more, she doesn’t want to.

My Point of View :

A book that definitely deserves a 5 star rating. It’s been awhile since I’ve rated any romance books 5 stars – one reason is that I have read a fair share of romance books that most romance books that I read later on seemed cliche and boring. This story may not be over-the-top-special or incorporates an unexpected plot twist as compared to other romance than I have read, but I can’t help myself falling in love with the story and the characters.

The story started off with Summer (the heroine) journeying to Blue Moon Bend, a small town 3-hours away form New York. She’s there for a week to interview Carter (the hero) and his family for an article she’s going to write for Indulgence, the magazine she’s working for – she’s writing about Pierce Acres (an organic farm) owned by Carter. When Summer accepted the assignment, she never expected to fall in love with the soldier-turned-farmer and his beautiful town. However, Summer keeps a secret that she believes will hinder her future with Carter – a secret that you will have to find out yourself by reading the book.

One of the things I love about the story is that there’s no “bitch” character – you know…the one female character that have slept with the hero and can’t seem to remove her claws from him? I don’t have to constantly wondering when some “bitch” is going to show up and try to snatch the hero away – somewhat cliche and annoying at times even if they are necessary minor characters. Also, it’s my first time encountering a hero that is a vegetarian. It’s really refreshing how his veganism somehow influenced the heroine’s diet too, just as how a real life relationship would probably pan out – though I’m not turning into a vegan anytime soon.

I’m not sure if I will read the next book in the series because I wouldn’t want to ruin the first book. You know those sequels where it does not live up to the first? I’m kind of afraid the next book would be “those” kind of sequel. So, I will probably be content with just reading this book.

P.S. This book is recommendable to those to love contemporary romance, especially if you don’t like story full of angst.

Favorite Quote : None from this book.


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