About Me


HI! My name is Kimberly Lam. I’ve always been a bibliophile for as long as I remember – be it buying books or reading them.  I’ve always wanted to start a book blog of my own to share what my personal thoughts about the books I’ve read to all other book lovers like me.

What kind of books do I read? As the title of my site suggests – I love romance. Especially the kind of romance that don’t normally occur in reality. I suppose romantic stories provides an alternate reality for me. Having said that, romance is not the only genre I read. I do read and love some good mysteries and thrillers occasionally. The only kind of books that does not appeal to me would be sci-fi (I guess anything alien or outer space stuff just does not appeal to me). The only time I would read them is probably when they’re highly recommended by my friends, or the hype around the book.

Who am I? I just finished my degree in TESL (Teaching English as Second Language) and hopes to find a job that will utilize my English skills (hopefully one that requires me reading stories all day long!). After all, I really love English – especially when it comes to pronunciation. Aside from sharing my thoughts of the books I have read, the whole reason I created a book blog is to improve my own English.

Oh…and my reviews contains SPOILERS most of the time. I love to read reviews that consist spoilers myself. At least then I’ll get an idea whether or not I want to read the book.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Kimberly Lam, I’m lian shen from bookurve, a Malaysian Online Bookstore.

    We are impressed with your book blogging. Can we recommend yours books in our website and we will also also with your current blog to reach out more readers. Do you think it is a good idea?

    Looking forward for your reply.

    You can visit us at http://www.bookurve.com



    • Hi lian shen!
      Thank you for taking notice of my book reviews! 😀
      You can go ahead and recommend the books I’ve read in your website. I’m honored to be of service, LOLS….
      It is absolutely a good idea, as more people will enjoy the books I’ve read ❤



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