A Game of Chess

There’s a game
We’ve engaged
For years and decades

Rookie mistakes
One after another
From our youth till we age
Causing constant confusion

Endless rules
Enforced upon us
Follow – we must
Freedom restricted
Are we but a pawn to grammar rules?

The way we speak
The sounds we hear
Scrutinized thoroughly, for –
The power of Queen
Cannot be ignored

Educators, the
Bishop impersonators
Figure of authority
In classrooms, not churches
Imposing rules
Dissecting speech
How do we escape from this eternal hell?

Do we…
Yearn and wait
For Knights in shining armor?
Not the prince variety
It is savior we want
Save us
Free us
From this unseen chains

All we can do is –
Take one step at a time
Cautious not to commit crime
Just as the King would do

 Every move taken
Thoughts are given
English is undeniably
A game of chess




Rubbish, rubbish everywhere

Burns my eyes to see them there

“They” do nothing but pollute the air

 Could not be disposed neither here nor there


Childish, selfish, foolish, to name a few

Nonsense is the only thing they spew

A dissatisfied bunch except a few

Wonder how they passed their interview


Reduce the waste

Do it with haste

With distaste

A bad aftertaste

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Social Network

Post it,

Tweet it,

Text it.


You tell the world you don’t care,

You tell the world you don’t mind,

You tell the world you don’t give a damn.


But –

It’s a lie,

It’s a fabrication,

It’s a deception.


What you seek are thumbs up,

What you seek are comments,

What you seek are replies.


You don’t realize the subtle hints –

Kept minds spinning,

Had rumors spreading,

Hurt countless people’s feeling.


Stop –




Write a diary instead,

And keep it under lock and key. 




Do You Know?

Do you know?

I’ve been here the whole time,

Waiting to be noticed,

Waiting to be acknowledged.


Do you know?

I’d be ecstatic with just one glance,

Yearning to be recognized,

Yearning to be accepted.


Do you know?

I’ve doubt myself again and again,

Wondering if it’s my appearance,

Wondering if it’s my personality,

That repelled you.


Do you know?

I’ve known for awhile now –

That outrageous rumors were spread,

That my character was tarnished,

All by you.


Do you know?

Do you care at all?

About me?

About my feelings?

Maybe one day you would.

Maybe…..just maybe.


Best Friend Forever

Be my best friend
Forever, was all you asked of me
For I’m the one you trust, say you.

Betray me, backstab me
Fool me, with a mask you don
For show, for disguise, for entertainment.

Broken trust, shattered heart
Fix me, heal me – is all but a wish
For best friend forever does not exist.




Masked people,

Trying to veil,

Trying to hide.


Veiling truth that –

Can be deceiving,

Can be hurtful.


Hiding secrets that –

Cannot be known,

Cannot be revealed.


Who are you?

Who am I?

Will we ever know or find?