My Semester 5 : In A Nutshell

It is nearly the end of the first-half my third year in university. I have abandoned my blog for so long that I can see virtual dusts gathering. As per usual, this semester is so hectic that I didn’t have time to read, not even the time to  be inspired to compose a poem (I do have a very short one that I compose with a friend of mine, maybe I will post it later).

I did, however, have the time to BUY books – another hobby of mine aside from reading. I got these books from the annual Big Bad Wolf sale at MIECC, The Mines.

My absolute favorite would be The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Works!! Not that I have read it, but I love the cover and the fact that it’s Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic! It’s very hard to acquire in Malaysia, and I bought it for just RM 10  (approximately $2).

The other books are not exactly my kind of genre, but I’m trying to read something other than New Adult, Romance & Fantasy. I gave up reading The Interior by Lisa See, it’s not as great as it sounds in the synopsis – loved her Snow Flower & The Fan, so I thought I could try this one….well….that’s RM 8 wasted. And I just completed The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama yesterday, it’s not too bad I suppose – still not my cup of tea. I’ll try the rest soon…though it will take some effort on my part.

I finally got Enchanted Forest – the coloring book that is so popular worldwide. Not sure if I wanna color it though, it’s so pretty……that I can’t bring myself to ruin it with my rusty coloring skills (*laughs*).

I’m gonna read November 9 later, and I think there’s going to be a review for it. since everyone has been raving about how good the story is on Goodreads, which is to be expected when it comes to Colleen Hoover’s books.  🙂

Other than buying books, I have visited a literary festival held in Penang just last month – George Town Literary Festival (GTLF). I was only there for a day though, to meet one of my all time favorite Malaysian write – Tan Twan Eng! I do wish that I had more time to join some of the events held during the festival. (T.T)

P.S. He signed my favorite book (that is written by him), The Gift of Rain. If you still haven’t read it, DO READ IT.

While I was in Penang, I did drop by one of the bookstores – Gerakbudaya Bookshop. It sells a variety of books – ranging from Malaysian authors to famous award winning authors. Sadly (for my purse…), I have bought a few books.

 I think I’ll read them after my finals. My study week is too short for me to finish all the books that I have and don’t forget e-books.

I guess that’s all for now. I want to start reading some of the books AND try studying at the same time. Hope to update my blog with another review soon. Ciao~


Digital Storytelling : The Butterfly Lovers

I have been so busy with my assignments and university activities that I had no time to read at all 😦
BUT the semester is going to end soon! 😀
So, I was looking through what I had done for the past 2 years (1 and half to be exact) while I was in university, when I came across a short video I made in a digital storytelling workshop I had attended, and I thought “Hey, why not share it?”.

Since I used only Movie Maker, it’s just a very basic video~
I’ll probably try making another when I have the time and mood. 🙂

P.S. I noticed that Western fairy tales – Cinderella, Rapunzel…etc, are often popularized but not with Asian fairy tales – The White Snake, The Lady of the Moon. I love Western fairy tales, but I wish people would know more about Asian fairy tales.

My Thoughts On “Into The Woods”

When I started this blog, I never thought about posting anything except my personal opinions on books I’ve read and also some mediocre poem I’ve come up with. So, posting (or blogging, I’m not sure since I’m still new at this blogging thing) my personal opinions on movie feels very foreign since I have to put it into words (I’m use to verbalizing them and not writing them). Well, here goes nothing….

“Be careful what you wish for….”

My love for fairy tales and that quote caught my attention……right……actually that’s not really true. It was the AMAZING trailer with the AMAZING casts that made me want to watch the movie.

I was soooo…..excited about watching the different fairy tales blend into one movie. This must seem ridiculous to those who knew about the original musical play, but I really have not heard about the existence of that play till this movie trailer came up. So I was ecstatic!  (*squeals~~~~*)

The movie is okay I guess. If you ask me to rate it out of 5 stars, I would give it 3.5. The music and the cast who sang it was GREAT. I love love love….the prologue- where all the main fairy tale characters chants “I wish….”, and most of all, Meryl Streep’s Stay with Me.

On the other hand, the plot is not as amazing as I thought it would be.
I so love how each of the fairy tale adapted stayed as close as the original; for example, Cinderella’s stepsisters had their toe/heel cut off in order for them to fit into the glass (or rather gold) slipper – this is a part of the original fairy tale that was often left out in movie (be it Disney or other adapted movies). Though I am kind of disappointed that the iconic GLASS slippers are replaced with GOLD slippers, as it’s something….a symbol that represents Cinderella. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the Cinderella movie that is coming soon~

The two prince – Cinderella’s Prince Charming and Rapunzel’s prince, are actually brothers in this movie. A pleasant surprise I must say, one that I love too. I secretly love the idea that my two favorite princesses are going to be related through marriage – sisters-in-law (*squeals~~~*)!!!! AND then, that dream of mine was crushed (and ruined the fairy tale)…..because apparently Prince Charming is a playboy. He kissed another (I won’t say who) woman just after he married Cinderella.

“I’m raised to be Charming….not sincere.” – Prince Charming

What made it worse was that I Google-ed for the original play’s summary……I read that both prince (Prince Charming and Rapunzel’s prince) are both unfaithful – they both went and pursued Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in the woods after they got tired of their respective princesses. My childhood fairy tales….ruined. Now….”I wish…” I hadn’t Google-ed for the original play’s summary.

That was not the only part of the plot I didn’t like, the ending was kind of a let down too. The “Happily Ever After” is not exactly the one that I was expecting, a little….boring after all the spectacular King’s Festival, potion ingredient hunting, wolf stalking Red Riding Hood…etc. There are characters dying in the end and Cinderella not having the normal  “Happily Ever After” (at least Rapunzel got hers). It’s a letdown to me when the movie ends with the Baker recounting all the events to his newborn baby with Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Jack around him (*sigh*).

Overall, Into the Woods had great casts (Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp….etc) and music, but I can’t say the same for the plot. I would recommend it to those who love musical plays and fairy tales (that is if you don’t mind the twists/changes).